Shirty Science – science and art meet on a shirt

Shirty Science aims to bring research out of the lab by sitting ANU scientists down with local artists to come up with a shirt design that represents their research.

Geologists, astronomers, chemists and much more paired up with artists, after a rapid speed dating session. Together they spent a few weeks developing a final design which has been printed on shirts, creating a walking bill board for new scientific research.

With so many artists and scientists working together there is bound to be a Shirty Science shirt for everyone! These inspiring designs aim to spark conversation about the awesome research happening in our amazing city.


#TeamSeismicHeartbeat - Melody Li (Scientist) and Daniel Becker (Artist)

#TeamEarthquake - Eleanor Gates-Stuart (Artist) and Marija Mustac (Scientist) 

#TeamSupernova - Ashley Ruiter (Scientist) and James Houlcroft (Artist) 

#TeamBalloons - Ryan Rideen-Harper (Scientist) and Rose Hammer (Artist) 

#TeamCoral - Bethany Ellis (Scientist) and Lexi Keelan (Artist) 

#TeamDarkstar - Mark Bugden (Scientist) and Paul Summerfield (Artist) 

#TeamAstrobot - James Gilbert (Scientist) and Lachalan Pini (Artist) 

#TeamWaterWorms - Aparna Lal (Scientist) and Sally Middleton (Artist) 

#TeamPayAttention - Rebecca Lawrence (Scientist) and Asavari Deonath (Artist) 

#TeamDeluge - Alena Kimbrough (Scientist) and Erin Walsh (Artist) 

#TeamLife - Michael Thomas (Scientist) and Honor Luckhurst (Artist) 

#TeamDementiaPrevention - Mitchell McMaster (Scientist) and Rowan McGinness (Artist) 

#TeamInverseProblems - Tom Buckland (Artist) and Rommel Farey (Scientist) 

#TeamTeeth - Nicole Yu (Artist) and Hannah James (Scientist) 

#TeamDiarrohea - Martyn Kirk (Scientist) and Britt Nichols (Artist) 

#TeamSoundLigh - Alex Lynn (Scientist) and Hugh Inglis (Artist) 

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