Our Campus Environment - Photography Competition

ANU Environment Collective Photo Competition Finalists

A showcase of 10 finalists to the ANU Environment Collective's Photo Competition for 2017. Come and discover these unique perspectives on the ANU campus environment and don't forget to vote for your favourite work to decide on the winner!

About the Exhibition

We walk around ANU campus everyday, but it can be easy to forget that we are a part of a complex living ecosystem – an environment that can be both beautiful and ugly. This photography competition allows students to capture our campus environment and reveal their unique perspectives, whilst raising awareness about the severe impact we have on our physical surroundings that is often overlooked in our busy day to day lives. We believe that caring about our planet starts with awareness, engagement, and reflection. Perhaps you can take something away from this exhibition, and be inspired to join us in the fight to preserve our planet.

Photographs by Chen Wang, Keith Wan, Sarah Grace Wearne, Alexandra Williams, Raj Raj, Antoinette Karsten, Joe Salmona and Anonymous.

Curated by Poppy Perry-Evans.

About the ANU Environment Collective

To learn more about environmental issues on and off campus, connect with the ANU Environment Collective below. We love to see new faces at our meetings!

Website: www.anuenviro.org

Facebook: ANU Environment Collective

Email: saenvironment@anu.edu.au


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