New Kinda Human - Launch Party

A brand new night of HipHop + Rhymes + Breaks brought to you by Krosswerdz Recordings. The BRB will be celebrating his LP "New Kinda Human" along side a fine collection of guest MCs, DJs and break dancers!

Featuring... BRB - Coolio Desgracias - DJ Wizdm - Izzy n The Profit - CreekSide ACTFarai Katiyo - Scarecrow - Krosswerdz Dance Crew + more

Originally from the US with South American heritage and now based in Australia, BRB combines US east coast flow with a west coast flair in a laid back Aussie style. Cleverly written lyrics coupled with powerful freestyle result in his entertaining and moving songs. BRB, hits hard with relevant and spontaneous freestyles and inspirational lyrics delivered with a distinctively smooth flow and commanding microphone presence. 

He has rocked the mic in the U.S, throughout Europe and has played a range of gigs in Australia from The Big Exoday and Black Stump music festivals to pub gigs, schools, large community events, and was even the first hip hop act to perform in the Great Hall at Canberra's Parliament House. 
He has shared both release and stage, working and building with many artists of all walks and genres including Krosswerdz collective, KJ52, Hilltop Hoods, member of D-12, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Scribbling idiots, L.A. Symphony, and many more. 

Philosophical in approach to music, BRB uses Hip Hop to inspire, encourage and uplift his listeners. He will often shock and entertain a crowd by incorporating his immediate surroundings into freestyle raps - A talented multi lingual artist, witty emcee, and a superb freestylist, he brings spontaneity to recordings, performances and battles.

Dynamic hip hop Emcee-duo Izzy n The Profit provide honest, deep, and creative music.
Both active artists for the better part of ten years, they play a significant role in both the hip hop and general community through charity work, youth work/ministry and outreach through their unique use of hip hop culture as a means to connect and empower young people.
Izzy n The Profit formed after meeting as individual support acts at a hiphop show and their journey continues. They since teamed up with Sydney based DJ Maniak and have been expressing their high energy performance and material sharing the stage/line-up alongside an array of artists including; KRS-One, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tha Dogg Pound, Def Wish Cast, Brethren, BrothaBlack, Thundamentals and many more.

Wizdm is an emcee and beat producer from the legendary Australian hip hop crew Brethren founded in Sydney in 1989.. 
Guaranteed to get heads nodding from hook fans and newcomers alike, Wizdm will be spinning beats all night long and might grace the mic for a rhyme or two.

Not many can say they arrived into this world fully mack-dad-a-tized, but that is the type of record company bozack labels be feedin' people about they artists. Coolio on the other hand spent hours shootin' hoops, poppin' and lockin' on cardboard danceflos', rockin' air jordans and listenin' to Rock It, MIdnight Star and the Beatstreet soundtrack. Coolio been hip hop since 1984 bitches!!

“Is he a weirdo? Yes, but a very talented one, and props to him for independently releasing this funny and highly skilled record” - Kate Kingsmill, The Canberra Times

Scarecrow is best known as one half of hip hop duo Beat Theory
Scarecrow's genuine live presence coupled with his carefully sculpted tracks, make his show one worth witnessing. Scarecrow's eclectic solo style hints at a diverse range of influences from Jam Baxter to The Funkoars, as well as Canberra based emcee Nix and his closest cohorts Pyne and Mr Nat of Beat Theory

CreekSide is an upcoming rap group that originates from Canberra’s Weston Creek - taking inspiration from the one and only Wu-Tang Clan - the five man crew includes KaZ, Micca, Papuadij, Raja Enz and Aitsi.

MC Scotts
Scotts is proudly Canberra Hip Hop, having toiled in the art for over a decade. In 2012, he dropped his debut EP, 'Scotts Crossing'. Scotts is one half of Spkezy, who dropped their debut EP 'Words Between The Sheets', in 2015. A passionate local, 2017 sees Scotts on the verge of releasing his first full length album, 'Scotts Hip Hop'.

Krosswerdz Dance collective - Feat Paul and Bianca