my digital’s three dimensional shadow

Dierdre Pearce’s research focuses on ways in which technologies influence our perception, experience, and understanding of the world. Through extensive research undertaken during her PhD in Sculpture at the ANU School of Art, Dierdre is exploring the nature of the relationship between her physical self and her growing digital ‘presence’. Is this digital presence a copy, a portrait, a prosthesis, a record, a tool, an environment, a biography? How generalisable are ways of imagining such a presence? Her work intends to contribute to discussion of ‘technogenesis’; the extent to which humans are co-evolving alongside the technologies they are developing.

Drawing on her prior experience in molecular sciences, this growing installation tests the ways in which forms from biological information systems could be used to translate digital information into three dimensions. Examples include proteins, biochemical signaling systems, nucleic acids and assembly systems which create order inside cells.

The installation will change each day, as Dierdre’s digital presence (including financial transactions, searches, geo-location information, social media and other activities) is given a physical form in the gallery.

You can track the work’s development on Instagram by following @dierdre_pearce.

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